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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Computer Programmers of the Future!

Wow what a brilliant session we had in ICT club this week...Mrs Cooper demoed Scratch...its a software that is basic programming, at the start of term, we talked about what we all enjoyed doing on computers, and most of us said we love playing games.  So we were very excited to MAKE our very own computer game.
Basically you have a character and a setting (which you can edit both yourselves) and by generating commands you make the characters(called Sprites) move. Steps are added then 'tested' by running the code through, just like real programming, its all about finding out what works and what doesnt...and when it doesnt work, it can be frustrating, but BOY so rewarding when you get your code to work.  Scratch is a bit of software that is usually introduced at secondary school level, so we know everyone in our club will have a head start when we move schools and start Year 7!

Here is a screen grab from Fahad and Joseph's game which they called 'Baby Maze'
Fahad and Joseph's Baby Maze screen grab
Here is some Harry and Luke test their code.

We will be bringing you more progress from this topic next week!

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