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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Danbo Crazytalk by David

This week in ICT club, some of us asked if we could use Crazytalk...we use it alot in school mapped with our IPC topic, for example some of us had remembered in year 4 when we had investigated Rainforest animals and made them speak. David asked if he could make a cardboard box speak (dont ask!) SO here it is...David's Danbo talking...if you were a cardboard box what would you have to say?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Perfecting BAMZOOKi

This week we decided we all needed to improve our Zooks. We started off by watching this great instructional video
We learnt some new things
1) how to add colour
2) how to make a Zook that really travelled well
3) how to add some variables into the movement of the legs for better manoeverability

It was brilliant, we noticed that over 52,000 people have viewed this video, so we were glad to have found it and benefitted from it too.
Some in ICT club said they had made "The best Zook they ever had" Which just goes to show that these instructional videos are really of benefit and its well worth the time researching if you, like us, get to a point where you need help.

Here is Thomas's Zook

If you are new to Bamzooki and want to download it for free, click here.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Tonight is the first ICT club session of the new term. We had a look at a new piece of presentation software called Prezi.  Here at Whitehill we use Powerpoint soooo much in school, we thought it would be great to use something different, or at least explore it and find out how it changes the way we present information.  We started off with a bit of mind mapping, working out WHAT we should pick to explain.  We watched this video for an introduction.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

ICT club do the Harlem Shake!

The ICT Harlem Shake...made by ICT club...enough said...watch the film.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bat and Ball

Or 'PONG' if you like!  This week we made a different type of game, as so far they have been racing games.
You can view this useful tutorial here and have a go yourself.  Do leave us a comment if you use Scratch or have anything you'd like to tell us.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Adding sounds in Scratch

Having enjoyed programming in Scratch so much, this week we recorded some of our own sounds to add to our computer games.  David has made a James Bond inspired game and here is the screen shot of him recording his sound, and then his game (still being developed)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Computer Programmers of the Future!

Wow what a brilliant session we had in ICT club this week...Mrs Cooper demoed Scratch...its a software that is basic programming, at the start of term, we talked about what we all enjoyed doing on computers, and most of us said we love playing games.  So we were very excited to MAKE our very own computer game.
Basically you have a character and a setting (which you can edit both yourselves) and by generating commands you make the characters(called Sprites) move. Steps are added then 'tested' by running the code through, just like real programming, its all about finding out what works and what doesnt...and when it doesnt work, it can be frustrating, but BOY so rewarding when you get your code to work.  Scratch is a bit of software that is usually introduced at secondary school level, so we know everyone in our club will have a head start when we move schools and start Year 7!

Here is a screen grab from Fahad and Joseph's game which they called 'Baby Maze'
Fahad and Joseph's Baby Maze screen grab
Here is some Harry and Luke test their code.

We will be bringing you more progress from this topic next week!