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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Perfecting BAMZOOKi

This week we decided we all needed to improve our Zooks. We started off by watching this great instructional video
We learnt some new things
1) how to add colour
2) how to make a Zook that really travelled well
3) how to add some variables into the movement of the legs for better manoeverability

It was brilliant, we noticed that over 52,000 people have viewed this video, so we were glad to have found it and benefitted from it too.
Some in ICT club said they had made "The best Zook they ever had" Which just goes to show that these instructional videos are really of benefit and its well worth the time researching if you, like us, get to a point where you need help.

Here is Thomas's Zook

If you are new to Bamzooki and want to download it for free, click here.

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